The Journey of 100 Miles Begins with a Single Step

Much like the old Lao-tzu saying goes…”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

It is with this phrase in mind that I embark my journey to go from a mere marathoner to an Ultra-Marathoner. More specifically, I will be joining the 100miler club.

Some people just won’t understand this desire but it is a deep seated desire. Something that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time but have not had the drive and dedication to commit to the task.

What made me decide it was time to commit? Well what it really boils down to is the look for a new challenge. It is the desire to prove to myself that I can…

Surely there are many other things out there that someone could chose to prove to themselves they have the mental and physical stamina to confront a challenge. I would agree but I love to run. It’s something that I find freeing and an incredible release. The ultra distance of 100mi? Well it is something that few people complete. In 2010 approximately 30k people across the world participated in a 100mi ultra. That about 0.00007% of the worlds population. That’s less people that went to my University. It’s a challenge that will require completed dedication or it will not be satisfied.

The journey is what it is all really about. After all, the race is really just another step in the overall journey. That finish line at the end of the 100miler simply signifies the end of the journey. The successful journey to go out and prove yourself to yourself. To stand up when your body and mind told you to quit and refuse to back down. Then again, maybe it isn’t the end of the journey but only the beginning of the next one.




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